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    Hello there! Welcome to my shiny new website. Here you can see my prints, pottery and anything else creative I have been up to. Some items I make are for sale in the shop here - please click the button below.

     I also make jewellery, which is available to view and buy at

    My Work

    A blue collograph print of pebbles


    I produce prints using a number of techniques, including linocut, collograph, drypoint etching and acid etching.

    An acrylic painting of an otter skull


    I paint using acrylics on canvas and am heavily influenced by the Vanitas, Still Life and Memento Mori genres.

    A small blue Raku pot with red and copper highlights


    I produce ceramics using porcelain, earthenware and clay. I enjoy using the Raku firing process to produce pieces with metallic flashes and grey hairlines.

    Contact Me

    For questions , enquiries and commissions, please fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.