As an artist and printmaker, my inspiration comes from observing the natural world and my goal is to draw attention to the consequences of our indifference to it; our place in it; and our effect upon it. I hope to lead the viewer to question how much we value, or are even aware of, those things we take for granted - often because they are small and seemingly insignificant - and consider the significance of their contribution to our own wellbeing.  My images frequently deal with the taboo subject of death and I attempt to capture the unparalleled stillness surrounding this event. 


I only ever feature wildlife that has died naturally and invite the viewer to contemplate the causes of mortality in nature, as well as the natural order of things. I particularly like to explore the emotions my images create: my work is often visceral, raw and provoking, eliciting unpalatable emotions of revulsion, shock and disgust, as well as sentiments of sadness, grief, compassion and shame. I encourage the viewer to question what they see and consider the story behind the image. I use a variety of print media, including wood block, wood cut, collagraph, screen printing, etching and linocut and experiment with less well-used media such as solar etching plates, which produce a softer, more ethereal print quality. 



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